Confidence of voters will increase the authority of our party

– My daughter Kh. Halimova was born in 2008 with a congenital disability, – said D. Mamadalieva, resident of the makhalla "Yangi Hayot" of the Balykchy district. – Deputy Okibatkhon Jakbarova helps me to arrange my daughter to the Republican school of disabled people and to cover my travel expenses... more

Residents of Kattakurgan are satisfied with UzLiDeP

The party group «UzLiDeP - invites for dialogue» provides close assistance in resolving pressing issues of concern to the population. Through this group, deputy Otabek Khatamov answered to voters' questions. During the dialogue, resident Yazdon Toshonov reported that residents of the Kattakurgan... more

Young farmers - authors of new initiatives

According to statistical data, more than 5,800 young farmers work in our country. In this case, UzLiDeP regularly hold a contest "Young Farmer to support young farmers, popularize their successes, and familiarize them with national and foreign experience. The Sirdarya regional stage of this... more

Samarkand international conference is the guarantor of stability in the region

На днях в Самарканде состоялась международная конференция на тему “Центральная Азия: одно прошлое и общее будущее, сотрудничество ради устойчивого развития и взаимного процветания”. На конференции Президент нашей страны акцентировал внимание на шести направлениях, имеющих важное значение для нашего... more

Gardens - a source of abundance

Bulungur district council of UzLiDeP held a training seminar on the topic "Development of intensive gardening and wine-growing in Uzbekistan: achievements and priorities" in the makhalla "Guliston". The event included an exchange of views on the expansion of vineyards, taking into account soil... more

Rational use of energy resources is a priority task

The electricity sector also plays an important role in improving the standard of living and well-being of the population, along with all spheres. It should be noted that the reason for the irrational use of electricity and the non-use of alternative energy sources is the lack of a classified... more

Foreign Ministers of Uzbekistan and Spain held talks

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov held a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Spain Alfonso Dastis in Madrid. The foreign ministers discussed a wide range of issues of interstate relations. In particular, they discussed... more