Why PPO leaders do not work well?

29.05.2019, 14:39

Why PPO leaders do not work well?

UzLiDeP in Surkhandarya has 50024 members. They are united in 684 primary party organizations. Do these primary links of the party justify their activities?

We tried to find the answer to this question at the annual reporting assembly meetings held this year.

– To date, 558 PPO reporting and election meetings have been held, – says O. Chutbayev, head of the group for working with PPO at Surkhandarya regional kengash of UzLiDeP. – Activities of the lower parts of the party over the past year were discussed at the meetings. As a result, 512 out of 684 PPO received a positive assessment. Because the leaders of these organizations are responsible for their activities. They were again trusted, and were reelected to the posts of the PPO chairmen. However, the work of some PPO cannot be considered satisfactory.

O. Chutbayev also noted that at the reporting meetings, the issue of restoring the work of inactive PPO, in which the number of members decreased, was considered. As a result, the work of 101 out of 135 PPO is being restored.

It should be noted that at the reporting meetings special attention is paid to the creation of necessary conditions for the primary party organizations, strengthening their material and technical base, and intensification of their activities.

Press Service of Surkhandarya

regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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