UzLiDeP head got acquainted with the activities of Surkhon Ceramics

01.03.2020, 14:48

UzLiDeP head got acquainted with the activities of Surkhon Ceramics

Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, head of UzLiDeP faction Aktam Khaitov held the next meeting in Surkhon Ceramics LLC, operating in Nurafshon makhalla of Termez district.

The company specializes in production of ceramic products – tiles and refractory bricks. The daily capacity of the enterprise is the production of 30 tons of refractory bricks and 1000 square meters of tile. The number of employees is 120 people.

“I have been working at this enterprise for 4 months”, said employee Aziz Ruziyev. “The work is not very hard. I control the process of pressing tiles. I’m sorting. I am from Kizirik district, so I live in a hostel for employees of the enterprise. The conditions here are good. We are provided meal, special transport. Payment is piecework”.

Surkhon Ceramics plays a big role in providing the country’s markets with ceramic products, tiles and refractory bricks. An empty building was allocated for the organization of the enterprise with a design value of 75 billion soums, the production line of the Chinese company Haloon Co. Ltd. was established and the annual production of 10 thousand tons of refractory bricks and tiles, 180 thousand square meters of majolica products was established. The main thing is that the company produces import-substituting products. Bricks and tiles withstand temperatures up to 1,600 degrees, the colors of the tiles are stable.

Another advantage is that energy-efficient machinery and equipment are installed at the enterprise. Relative to other enterprises, energy is used 10-15 percent less. The use of the company’s products contributes to the change in the appearance of our cities and villages.

The company’s products are also used in mining and metallurgical industry, in enterprises for production of cement, metal, porcelain, restoration of historical monuments.

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