Deputy visits war veterans

13.05.2020, 09:53

 Deputy visits war veterans

Our people have always honored heroes who defended their native land from invaders who fought for freedom, independence and the inviolability of the country’s borders.

Veneration of the memory of thousands of compatriots who died in the Second World War, the care and attention to veterans who returned from the fields of fire battles and rear workers, who steadfastly endured the hardships of the war without losing the best human qualities, became the national tradition.

Among the 1.5 million Uzbekistanis who fought for the country’s freedom in this merciless war, there were young guys from Namangan.

During the war, 7430 people went to the front from Uychi district, 3989 of them died in battle, 740 went missing.

Today, two war veterans and 101 frontline veterans live in the district.

Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, member of UzLiDeP faction Barno Mirzamova visited the war veterans – 96-year-old Ahmadjon Mamadaliyev, who lives in Gulbog makhalla of Uychi district and holder of the Order of Mehnat Shuhrati, Mahammadali Hoji Yunusov, who lives in Unkhayatlik makhalla.

B. Mirzamova congratulated veterans on the upcoming holidays – the Day of Memory and Honor and the 75th Anniversary of the Victory in World War II and presented memorable gifts.

“Their heroism and rich experience in life contribute to the education of young people in the spirit of patriotism, teach to value a peaceful life. May they be with us for a long time for the happiness of our people”, said the deputy.

Veterans told about the battles for freedom of the motherland, labor activity after the war. Recited a prayer, urging people to value a peaceful life, and that there would never be war.

“I spent my best young years in the war”, said Ahmadjon Mamadaliyev. “It’s hard to remember the war. And let it forever be left behind. We must be grateful for our bright days today!”

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