Jizzakh region

18.12.2020, 10:55
Jizzakh hosts a workshop aimed at developing household plots of the population
The Council of Farmers, Dehkan Farms and Owners of Household Lands, together with Jizzakh regional Council of UzLiDeP, organized workshops in Zaamin ...
13.11.2020, 10:25
Deputy help
According to experts, the child manages to get the main part of the concepts of the world before he reaches the age of 7. Therefore, in recent years ...
19.07.2020, 14:37
New PPO united 20 members in Sharof Rashidov district
Currently, there are 96 PPOs in Sharof Rashidov district, in the ranks of which 4170 people are united. In a pandemic, members of primary ...
19.06.2020, 15:23
Internal roads repaired in Yangikishlak
Member of UzLiDeP deputy group in Sharaf Rashidov district council of people’s deputies Ganisher Avvalboyev received an appeal from ...
16.10.2019, 15:10
Jizzakh hosted a campaign under the motto “Towards new frontiers with UzLiDeP!”
UzLiDeP with new views and new ideas takes an active part in the pre-election process. Pre-election campaign is held to bring the program goals and ...
23.05.2019, 14:56
A bridge is built after the deputy request of UzLiDeP
Currently, deputy groups of Jizzakh regional, district (city) kengashes of UzLiDeP, working groups consisting of party activists are visiting ...
08.05.2019, 16:19
Nobody and nothing is forgotten
In order to ensure the execution of the President’s resolution “On the preparation and holding events on May 9 – the Day of Memory ...
22.04.2019, 17:23
Ranks of PPO members in JSC Jizzakh Accumulator expand
On the initiative of Jizzakh city Kengash of UzLiDeP, employees of the Kengash and the PPO leaders organized a trip to JSC Jizzakh Accumulator.First, ...
05.04.2019, 17:50
Experienced farmer from Jizzakh transfers experience to young people
Jizzakh regional Kengash of UzLiDeP in Kakhramon makhalla of Dustlik district held an indicative workshop on “Ways of efficient use of ...
12.03.2019, 10:40
The fate of a person is behind each appeal
UzLiDeP working groups, which include deputies of local Kengashes and party activists, continue to hold meetings with the electorate of the party and ...

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