Namangan region

03.08.2020, 15:01
Four-year problem of the population resolved after deputy intervention
A group of citizens living on Bog Street of “Soybuyi” makhalla of Narin district of Namangan region had complaints about the power ...
03.08.2020, 14:59
Drinking water problem is solved with the assistance of a deputy
Deputy of UzLiDeP, Komiljon Anvarjonov, elected from the 25th Yangikurgan district constituency “Rovut”, taking into account the needs of ...
24.07.2020, 14:02
UzLiDeP deputy solved 20-year problem
More than three thousand people live on the streets of Soglom Avlod, 1-13 lanes of Shakhrisabz CAM “Yangi Zamin” of the city of ...
19.07.2020, 14:36
The water supply system is being updated with the assistance of UzLiDeP deputy
Being a deputy is a huge responsibility before the voters. A deputy must always be with people, know and solve their problems.Deputies of the local ...
14.07.2020, 15:49
When will the streets of Navruz makhalla be repaired?
Senator Nosirbek Abdullakhanov and deputy head of Namangan regional department for makhalla and family support Iroda Kuchkorova, who was elected as a ...
13.05.2020, 09:55
UzLiDeP’s attention to needy and low-income families
In Uzbekistan, on the eve of May 9 – the Day of Memory and Honor, people in need of care who have lost their breadwinner, representatives of ...
13.05.2020, 09:53
Deputy visits war veterans
Our people have always honored heroes who defended their native land from invaders who fought for freedom, independence and the inviolability of the ...
26.04.2020, 14:38
Deputies provide charitable assistance to families in need
Deputy of the city council, businessman Tolib Muhammadiyev, allocated 200 million UZS to support families in need in the city of Namangan.The ...
22.04.2020, 16:00
UzLiDeP deputy provided building materials and food products to Namangan’s families in need
In connection with counteracting the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, work is currently ongoing in all spheres, in compliance with ...
19.04.2020, 17:11
Household lands – income and wellbeing
The coronavirus pandemic today threatens the whole world, quarantine declared in connection with the disease adversely affects the development of all ...
Muminov Solijon Djalilovich

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