Employment of women registered in “Ayollar Daftari”

24.12.2020, 15:08

Employment of women registered in “Ayollar Daftari”

Deputy of Samarkand regional Council of people’s deputies, member of the deputy group of UzLiDeP Feruz Nasrullayev, together with workers of the regional Council of the party, studied the problems of the population of Mingchinor makhalla of Bulungur district.

During the study, Chairman of MCA Mingchinor, Saodat Allayorova, informed about the need for creating a bakery, a culinary workshop, ladies’ beauty salon, a men’s hairdresser’s and a training center for vocational training of youth in the mahalla. The mahalla Chairman S. Allayorova also spoke about the need for repairing additional premises of the mahalla administration building.

Deputy Feruz Nasrullayev undertook to repair one room in the building of the mahalla administration and purchase 4 sewing machines to establish sewing business. Feruz Nasrullayev fulfilled his obligations. As a result, 5 temporarily unemployed women and registered in “Ayollar Daftari” were provided with permanent jobs.

Press Service of Samarkand

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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