President speaks with public representatives of Syrdarya region

19.07.2019, 14:04

President speaks with public representatives of Syrdarya region
Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Sakhovat farm of Khavast district and got acquainted with development of cotton.
The farm operating at Bek Cluster enterprise collected 455 tons of grain harvest this season and received more than 314 million soums of net profit. Export-oriented leguminous plants are planted on the released areas. At the same time, cotton is grown on 50 hectares.
The Head of the state asked how cotton is developing.
Farmers noted that thanks to construction of Sardoba reservoir and the allocation of over 10 billion soums from Syrdarya region’s budget for pest control, it becomes possible to obtain high yields.
“What is the purpose of cultivating the land? Receive the income! The increase in income is primarily provided by an increase in yield. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that at least five boxes are added to each bush before the harvest season begins, and that there became five centners more yield per hectare”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev emphasized.
A meeting with the heads of districts and sectors, farmers and entrepreneurs of the region, representatives of the older generation was also held here. The ongoing work on development of agriculture and small business, strengthening health of the population, and preventing crime was considered.
This year, cotton in Syrdarya region is planted on 73 thousand hectares. Due to heavy rainfall in spring, the crops in some fields deteriorated, they were sown anew.
Responsible persons of the authorities and the sphere were instructed to ensure the contour control of all fields where cotton is lagging behind in development, to organize treatment with biostimulants and systematic implementation of all agrotechnical measures.
It was noted that the increase in the purchase price of cotton almost 1.3 times compared to last year increased the interest of farmers.
The Head of the state noted that in a region that does not have large industrial enterprises, small business should become the main source of growth in gross regional product and workplaces for the population. Instructions were given regarding strengthening activities in the area of crime prevention and strengthening the health of the population.
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