Deputy from Bukhara distributes food products to those in need

18.12.2020, 10:58

Deputy from Bukhara distributes food products to those in need

Within the framework of the project “17 years to UzLiDeP: charity and help to 17 thousand families”, a member of UzLiDeP deputy group of Bukhara city Council of People’s Deputies Halimjon Safarov organizes charity actions at places in order to study the main problems of needy families included in Temir Daftar, their material support, food supplies and employment. This is facilitated by visiting families in need to provide them with comprehensive assistance.

Halimjon Safarov again visited more than 100 families in need, elderly, disabled, needy people and those who have lost their breadwinner. The people’s representative handed them 10 types of food products and provided material assistance.

“Thank you very much. A deputy who realizes his promises deserves respect and justifies the confidence of people. You are constantly helping us. You made 3 disabled people happy”.

“I live with 4 children in this emergency house. Many thanks to the generous deputy. Halimjon Safarov assisted in the renovation of the house. When he brought building materials and said that he would renovate our house, I shed a tear”, says Gulrukh Toirova.

Press Service of Bukhara

regional Council of UzLiDeP

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